Foil Boarding with Ozone Chrono Ultralight

In this video I'm foil boarding with my new Ozone Chrono Ultralight 18m! It is episode 8 in my kite foil series. Last time I got caught out in dropping winds and could barely test the Ozone Chrono.

This time it's blowing 7 knots and increasing, so I go out for an awesome foil boarding session. This video should also help you to find out how to kitefoil! This is part 8 of my hydrofoil / foil boarding video series, starting from no experience on foil boards at all, up to hopefully gybing and tacking along and finding out how to foilboard properly!! I'm kiting a few different spots here, Sealine beach and al Wakra Family beach in Qatar.

They have amazing conditions for a big part of the year, let's say October until June!