FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Dylan van der Meij had a brilliant time in Thailand earlier this year. Check his new video edit, including freestyle moves on his Levitaz cruizer foil! For more information check out:

The MANERA team headed up North to Lewis & Harris islands, this is their story.

Whether you are up in the Hebridean islands or just riding your local spot in winter, cold water creates something unique, it connects people and inspires mutual respect.

Frozen smiles & veins filled with frigid water, nothing stops the cold water community from going out there. Being cold, wearing thick rubber, putting on wet wetsuits in the morning… these are small sacrifices compared to the rewards.

This movie is an ode to all the guys & girls braving harsh weather to live their passion.

Starring: Pauline VALESA, Liam WHALEY, Paul SERIN, Maxime CHABLOZ, Set TEXEIRA, Camille DELANNOY, Mallory DE LA VILLEMARQUE.
Video: Petole Prod / Olivier SAUTET
Photo: Robin CHRISTOL / Matt GEORGES

What does kitesurfing mean to you?
'Kiting is all about freedom and movement and the feel of water. Speed, power and friendship. Loving nature as it is and leaving it as it is.'

RRD is proud to present you this story about Ralf Bachschuster and his inspring lifestyle as a kitesurfer and shaper living in Cape Town, S.A.

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