Ozone Chrono V3 - Universal High level foil kite


High performance on land, water and snow, the Chrono legacy continues. 
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The multi-purpose design means the Chrono V3 is perfect for high performance Twin Tip freeriding, launching big floaty airs or out and out power and hydrofoil riding. Using state of the art technology, the Chrono V3 is geared to lift you for longer making maneuvers smoother and more intuitive. On snow, riders have power to carve up the snow and sky in even the lightest breeze.

For the competent kiter aspiring to ride an enhanced performance kite, which is powerful yet at the same time forgiving and not demanding. Get ready to experience heightened sensations that will give you the confidence to take your riding skills to a whole new level.

Video: MlandPictures
Riders: Gunnar Biniasch & Håkon Mæland