Slingshot The Code Kite

The Code: For beginners to beasts

At Slingshot, we pride ourselves on leading the charge in innovation, design, and performance. We strive to make products for big-air beasts to day-one beginners and the Code channels this very definition of the Slingshot ethos. Pair the Code with Slingshot's newest hot shot, Jeremy Burlando and you get a year full of progression, gold medals, and countless sunset sessions. 





“The Code is my go-to kite for technical big airs as well as for teaching at my pro center in Sicily. The Code is unstoppable! Light bar pressure and fast, reactive turning make this kite perfect for every riding style.”  — Slingshot team rider Jeremy Burlando 


Jeremy has come to rely on the Code for pushing his personal career like his first gold medal at the Tatajuba Big Air Fest and for growing the kiteboarding industry through creating new kiters at his family school in Sicily. 

Brazil Video
We are now gearing up to watch Jeremy Burlando compete on the Code in the largest and gnarliest stage in kiteboarding, King of The Air in Cape Town, South Africa. Here he will be one of the world’s top 18 big air athletes throwing down to be crowned, The King of The Air.  
Make sure to tune in during the King of The Air holding window November 24th through December 10th to see how Burlando and the Code perform.