Flexifoil Ion2 news

A hybrid kite for freeride & waves or 5-line, no bridle, C-shape performance for freestyle & wake

Following the massive success of the Ion, the NEW Ion2 has been designed to give amazing performance to all intermediate and experienced kiteboarders, no matter what style of riding you’re into.

The kite is supplied in the 4-line bridled mode ideally suited for waveriding and freeride. This hybrid mode allows the kite maximum depower and flyable wind range, making it perfect for big fun, waveriding and jumping. In the 4-line mode the Ion2 allows massive depower and easy airtime. It turns quickly, has a huge wind range and soaks up the gusts smoothly. You will be able to try new tricks with confidence. The safety is fantastic, just let go of the bar and the kite depowers by 90% and sits at the edge of the window for effortless relaunch. The Ion2 can be quickly changed from this setup to a 5-line configuration (supplied in the bag).

The 5-line set-up is ideal for the hardcore freestyle rider who is looking for the feel of a competition ‘C’ shaped kite. The 5-line mode helps to provide more low end grunt and the ability to load up more forces, enabling huge airs and full-on powered kiteloops. These attributes make the Ion2 in 5-line mode an amazing wake / freestyle kite, with the added benefit of an ‘on the fly’ adjustable 5th line.

The switch between the two setups takes a matter of minutes can be done with ease on the beach. One kite, that delivers two riding styles – the Ion2 by Flexifoil.

For full information on the kite and to learn more about Flexifoil - please visit http://www.flexifoil.com/