THE new PUMP by Takoon

Takoon innovates with an inflatable harness. Comfort and maximum ergonomics. Protects your back. .

This is the result of our close technical partnership with top- riders. Niccolo Porcella broke his back on a huge kiteloop afew years ago and hadn't found any suitable harness up to now. Why go for a stiff thermoformed harness while everyone has a unique back shape? Our answer is an Air-pumped harness that fits perfectly the shape of your back, once pumped up. No more pain, all shocks absorbed and better buoyancy! Why ask for more?

The Waist Pump is available in sizes M and L.

Also available without PUMP system in waist and low cut.

Our harness is unique on the market in terms of ergonomics. Many riders already adopted the «spreader tunnel bar» system. The bar is completely integrated into the harness and eliminates any risk of breath-holding in case of shock. The harness is designed in one single- piece, so nothing can cling into it (lines for ex). The 2007 model gets new reinforcements at critical areas, especially on the handle pass leash attachment point.

> Exclusive patented Takoon's «Spreader bar tunnel».

> Full neoprene on the skin side for better comfort (waist harness only).

> 600D fabric on the outside.

>Flat handle on back.

> New exclusive shape for a perfect spread of load on back.

> Belt with double elastic adjustment (waist harness only).

> New reinforcements at the critical points.

> Available sizes : S, M, L

2007 Jeremie Tronet movie series

Image2007 jeremie Tronet movie series
New year, new Ocean Rodeo gear, new video .I just edit a new movie showing the new gear in action in Caribbean, beautiful colors for the first film of that serie I'm starting...It 'll be movie from all over the world with different style, music each time.
For that one you 'll see a lot of new style tricks and some of my famous "jesus style".
I hope you gonna like it.
Leaving Martinique for Venezuela on Saturday to get ready for the next PKRA and to give you more and more movies ....
See ya on the

Jeremie Tronet

PKRA 2007 Dates

ImageDe Professional Kiteboard Riders Association ofwel PKRA hebben de TOUR data gepubliceerd.

De PKRA start dit jaar in Venuzuela op 17 April, vervolgens doet men oosterijk aan op 30 april.

Dan blijft men in europa om op 29mei in Italie aan te treden. 26 Juni Cabarette, 3 juli Tarifa, 23 Juli Portugal, 30 Juli Fuerte, 18 Augustus Duitsland, 31 Augustus Canada, 11 september Brasil, om vervolgens het slot event te varen in Chili op 25 september.

Foil boards

Foil board
Light wind board? Have a look at the Foil boards.

Glide upwind in low winds.


Colona Watersports now in Sharm El Sheikh!

Colona Watersports is now open in Sharm El Sheikh. The centre is the first and only centre in the region. You will find us in Raouf International Hotels in Nabq. The centre located directly on the beach and allows you to launch directly in to the huge shallow lagoon.

The Nabq area is located on the North side of Sharm El Sheikh, 10 minutes from the Airport, on the same coast line as Dahab, famous for its constant winds. The wind direction is normally cross to cross on and the wind is very smooth. A short distance to the North of the centre, accessible from land or by riding upwind is a bay with waves rolling in to a shore break.

Maybe not a real wave spot, but very different from what you are use to see in Egypt, and a nice playground for the advanced rider.

The centre is equipped with Naish kites and Naish & Nobile boards. Teaching is done on the 2007 X1 SLE kites and for rental we have 2007 Boxer SLE, Torch and Raven Kites. In the very near future the compressor will be installed and the weather station and internet camera will come online.

Kevin Biles and Diane Gainford are our partners and centre managers in Sharm and they are looking forward to welcome you to their spot!

Visit the site

Bertrand Fleury in Takoon team

French. Bertrand is one of the most advanced and stylish wake-style and wave riders today. Hailing from France and living with Tuva Jansen, it is only natural that he joined our team. Attracted by both the gear and the team spirit, he will travel the world in search of the best spots and will bring all his expertise to the R&D team. Quiver : Air/Sutra & eNova/burning

More on the Takoon site

Radical kitesurfs

Radical Kitesurf
Radical heeft z'n eigen kitesurfs volledig uitgewerkt, de boardjes zullen binnnekort gemaakt worden volgens de wensen van de klant. Er is al eentje onderweg naar mij om te testen. Ben benieuwd, een verslag zal volgen.

Meer foto's en info op de Radical Blog...

Flexifoil Ion2 news

A hybrid kite for freeride & waves or 5-line, no bridle, C-shape performance for freestyle & wake

Following the massive success of the Ion, the NEW Ion2 has been designed to give amazing performance to all intermediate and experienced kiteboarders, no matter what style of riding you’re into.

The kite is supplied in the 4-line bridled mode ideally suited for waveriding and freeride. This hybrid mode allows the kite maximum depower and flyable wind range, making it perfect for big fun, waveriding and jumping. In the 4-line mode the Ion2 allows massive depower and easy airtime. It turns quickly, has a huge wind range and soaks up the gusts smoothly. You will be able to try new tricks with confidence. The safety is fantastic, just let go of the bar and the kite depowers by 90% and sits at the edge of the window for effortless relaunch. The Ion2 can be quickly changed from this setup to a 5-line configuration (supplied in the bag).

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