f you wanna ride with Mitu, check out the tours and clinics to Sal / Cape Verde with KiteWorldWide: kiteworldwide.com/destinations-tours/caboverde/ There will be more of these videos introducing all spots on the island, stay tuned!

Special thanks to Gleiten.TV for the the production of this video. Riders: Mitu Monteiro, Stefan Permien and more. 

In this clip Dave and Mike from Kitethrills in Caloundra QLD help guide us through a self rescue.
The purpose is to get people practicing deploying their safety systems so that if and when the need comes to activate it, there will be no hesitation.Remember to check your gear regularly as the moving parts associated with them can get jammed if clogged with foreign matter.

For more check out http://www.kitelife.com.au

It's not a tutorial, just few sarcastic ideas to improve kitesurfing video edition for non-professional movie makers who want to gain visibility on the web. Filmed with GoproHD. 

Check out our repair/maintenance and safety videos. We have created some very handy how to’s for repairing small canopy tears, bladder punctures and replacing bar parts. CLICK HERE

Also take a look at the helpful water kite & foil kite safety and tips sections with entry level safety set-up and use Videos of the IMP Trainer kite Range.

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