Takoon How 2 wave riding tips

The bottom turn is the most important move in riding a wave. Having a solid bottom turn is essential to improving other areas of your wave riding. I will now explain how to do a bottom turn in SIDE SHORE wind. When you are on the top of the wave you want to have your kite at around 12 o’clock. But to ride down the face of the wave with as much speed as you can, you have to send your kite down before you are going down the face. Just before you arrive on the flat part of the wave, you will then send your kite back up to 12 or 1’oclock, to help you to keep your speed for when you are going up the wave to hit the lip or to do your top turn. In your bottom turn, bend your knees slightly, and lean on to your toe side edge to initiate the bottom turn. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your front foot and your back foot. Hold your line, keep your knees bent, and when you come off the flats on to the transition, shift most of your weight to your back leg. Push on your back foot in order to gain as much speed as possible while driving up the wave. " 

And here is the Top Turn

Now you know how to do a bottom turn, so now I will take you to the 2nd stage of waveriding witch is a snap/top turn. I will now try to explain you how to improve yours. Before you do your bottom turn, you should already know where you want to do your top turn. When you are coming up the face, the kite should be coming up , helping you to have a lot of speed to make a nice turn on the top of the wave. Going up the face of the wave, your front leg should be straight and the weight should be on your back foot . Before you hit the top of the wave, you should already be looking down where you will go for your next bottom turn. That will help you to turn, since your body will follow your eyes. When you reach the top of the wave you should push hard through the snap until your back leg is fully extended. Your weight should be over your front foot, but your back leg needs to be powerful and solid. Stay low and solid over top of your board.