Thomas De Wispelaere update regelmatig trix op zijn website.

Na de Railey into blind en de S-bend into blind kun je nu op zijn site ook de Front-Mobe bekijken.




Je handle passes lukken al goed maar je hebt geen insperatie voor aankomend seizoen?

Christophe Tack legt uit hoe je een lowmobe moet doen in 9 simpele stappen!

Here's a chance to see Aaron Hadlow, Kitesurfing's 4x World Champion, demonstrating the core freestyle tricks that are at the heart of his repotire. We are showing the first chapter in full online for FREE, so you can check out the Raley to Blind, Blind Judge and Blind Judge 3.

Whether you want to learn the tricks or simply understand the difference between them, watch the best guy in the world do what he does best, whilst Progression gives you all the in-depth analysis you have come to expect for us.

This is just 15 minutes of the full 2 hour video, available for one week so watch it now and get your hands on the full DVD for the other 20 tricks!

learn here...

In this tutorial Josh Nehf reveals his secrets on pulling a Kung-Fu Air. The Kung-Fu, originally created by Cousin Brucey in the twintip days of wave kiting, is a kite assisted wave arial, difficult to land and is guaranteed to ruin at least one knee.
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