Last week I went down to catch up with Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Crathern in their local spot to film some UK storm riding action for Hadlow's new #HADLOW20 that will be dropping this summer. Its always hard to get these sorts of shots as its usualy miserable weather, wet, windy and UK beaches are not always nice to shoot on. However we had a wicked few days, stacked some banger clips and caught up with the local Duotone store to see what was going down!

For the past year, I have been traveling and creating video content for the GKA Kitesurf World Cup. The first stop of 2019 season was on the island of Sal, Cabo Verde. We were so lucky because #PontaPreta that is one of the most famous kitesurf spot delivered exceptional waves for the entire week of competition and this visual story is just a SLICE of what happened there. Definitely, that will go down to the history books.

This video is about strapless kite foiling


Throughout 2018 I decided to focus on making a full length video part. Together with Alexander Lewis-Hughes from Knot Future we managed to film in Perth, Melbourne, Cape Hatteras, Squamish, Hood River and Icapui in Brazil and pull it all into one piece. It was a different year holding back all the footage we gathered while watching everyone release short videos throughout the season, but I think in the end it was definitely worth it and we hope this inspires more people to focus on quality content that lasts in the age of social media. Make sure to share this video to help support these kind of videos in the kiteboarding industry. Presented by Naish Kiteboarding Filmed/Edited by Alexander Lewis-Hughes ( Thanks, Ewan

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