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Liam Whaley | All Or Nothing | (Part 2)

Liam is back in Cape Town once again to compete at the Red Bull King Of The Air for his 3rd consecutive year. After making every place on the podium except for 1st in previous years, there is nothing that he wants more than to win.




PIQ vs WOO - which one jumps higher?

n this video we compare two kitesurfing jump sensors - the PIQ Blue Robot vs. the WOO (WOO 3 and WOO 2). We took a regular kiteboarding session and overlaid the data from all three sensors on screen. We also talk about the quality, design, apps/social aspect, and price of these devices. We hope you find this video useful. Enjoy!

Hello Holland KEVVLOG⁴ #6

This is my frist session of the year back home. It might be grey, cold and rainy but I still love these sessions the most.