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Fuerteventura - Inspirational Kite Foiling Session


Het BELGIUM FOIL RACE TEAM is een feit !!

Het seizoen 2020 zal de start zijn voor een groep jongeren (tussen de 12j & 22j) die een trainingsprogramma zullen volgen met het oog op de Olympische spelen 2024. 

Het programma zal bestaan uit een wekelijkse foil/conditie/kracht/evenwicht of tactische training op de verschillende deelnemende clubs of fitness. 

Wil jij graag fun en adrenaline beleven met weinig wind dan is dit team mss wel iets voor jou!! Reageer even op dit bericht als je hieraan wil deelnemen.

ps. heb je nog geen foil, geen enkel probleem ... 
wij zorgen voor materiaal op de trainingen


After over a year of testing, we are proud to bring to market the GHOST V1. Built from the ground up this single strut kite is light, simple and insanely fun to fly. The sizes span from 2.5m - 17m.

This means there is a Ghost for everyone. Foilers, Freeriders, and Lightwind puff hunters will all be stoked on this new paranormal shape. Returning for its 12th iteration is the RPM V12 w/ Flyline Bridle System. We have continued the RPMs evolution with our new canopy material; 4x4 Canopy Tech - making in stiffer, stronger, and more durable. Last year we introduced FlyLine in conjunction with the new Modified Open C shape to usher in a new meaning of any condition and all performance for the RPM. This enhanced kite shape and bridle configuration accelerate the RPM’s turning speed as well as increase the lift and hangtime.

This performance has made the RPM the most decorated and award winning kite of all time; 3 PKRA CHAMPIONSHIPS 2 GKA FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS 1 GKA AIRGAMES CHAMPIONSHIP 4 KITE PARK LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS 6x TRIPLE S CHAMPION The TURBINE is the pinnacle of light wind reliability and session saving dependability. We've channeled the sizes down to 15m & 17m to focus on its niche. The proven Open Delta C platform continues to deliver amazing power per size, upwind trajectory, and instant relaunch.

The line also includes three all-time favorite kiteboards:

The GLIDE (in two NEW SIZES), The completely redesigned VISION (in three NEW SIZES) and a proven free ride favorite the CRISIS.

Riding the same wave KEVVLOG³ #21

We drove up the coast to find some wind and wave and we defiantly did! Riding with my sister is something I enjoy so much. She is so passionate about the sport and she has so much drive and dedication. A lot of people can learn for her including myself. Extra footage by Ryan Osmand

Travel Stories - Cape Town . eps 2 "testing new fins"