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F-ONE | Tales of Wind and Waves. EP1. Madagascar


Harnesses the Ozone way: lightweight, comfortable and unrestrictive





Our latest batch of releases freshly available and handmade in our own factory deliver something for everyone, from entry level freeriders to more full focused racers, big air chargers and wave heads!


The latest iterations of our Connect harness range have evolved with new materials and further push the boundaries of how supportive a soft and supple design can be while being focused on delivering the ultimate in free body movement.


Like all our products, our harnesses are of course Born Light and Genetically Strong. Built with care and expertise in our own factory, they also feature an increased use of recycled materials wherever possible.


Meanwhile, new Base V3 is the board of choice for entry level to intermediate freeriders who want to have as much fun as possible.



F-One 2024 TWIN TIP boards

F-ONE has long been synonymous with innovation in the world of water sports, and our twin tips are no exception. Crafted with precision and a deep understanding of riders’ needs, each twin tip offers a harmonious blend of classic designs and trailblazing technologies for exceptional performances.

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Our board’s constructions guarantee outstanding durability and strength. Our technologies such as the revolutionary Helical Rail Design (HRD) endure over time, while our designs have become timeless, passing through trends and fads thanks to the expertise of our R&D team. Our twin tips will always deliver the same amount of fun, sensations, and performance as the years go on.


For 2024, the WTF ?! and TRAX HRD CARBON got a makeover. We have also added a 139 x 43 model to the TRAX HRD CARBON’s range.


127 x 37 – 130 x 38 – 136 x 41.5 – 138 x 42 – 140 x 42.5

Big Air / Freestyle / Freeride
135 x 39 – 136 x 40.5 – 137 x 42 – 139 x 43 – 140 × 45


Need speed & hangtime? Chrono V5 is alive


Designed for all-round twin-tip and hydrofoil riders looking to push their limits and maximise the available conditions, whether through achieving max speeds or max hang times!

The Chrono V5 proudly carries forward the rich legacy of its predecessors. Meticulously crafted using cutting-edge design technology, this kite offers both accessible and exceptional performance.

Although the new nine and seven metre sizes are designed to perform in stronger winds, the Chrono V5 is still focused on providing epic sessions for both hydrofoil and twin-tip riders who want to push their performance levels in light to mid-range winds.

The Chrono V5 isn’t as much of a re-worked design as the V4 model was, but instead is a continued evolution of refined handling. Performance-wise it still sits between the Hyperlink V2 and R1 V4 models in the range. 


Moona Whyte Wins Again in Dakhla!

Moona Whyte does it again! Only a few days after becoming the Wingfoil Wave 
World Champion and winning the GWA Wingfoil World Tour leg in Dakhla, Moona 
was once more untouchable, this time in the kite-surf competition.


Feeling right at home on the Moroccan right-handers, she was in a league of her 
own during the whole event, racking up points and charging throughout the day. 
She earned two of the three highest scores of the whole competition, men and 
women combined, notably scoring a massive 18.43 in the semi-final with a wave 
receiving 9.50.