2023 F-ONE Surfboards

Enjoy the pure feeling of wave riding and the thrilling experience of strapless freestyle with the 2023 additions to our collection.
The TWEAK makes its first appearance in our range this year, while the revolutionary MAGNET CARBON and the legendary MITU PRO FLEX have been improved for even more performance and fun on the water.

Our kitesurf board range now features nine models, ranging from our MAGNET CARBON the pure strapless revolution, to the SHADOW, our highly reactive wave specialist.
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Strapless Freestyle 
4’11” / 5’1” 
The strapless revolution continues with the MAGNET CARBON V2. Discover a new shape for an even more electrifying and sensational ride, and better accelerations, pop, and handling. It is stunningly lightweight and ultra-resistant. 
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Waves / Strapless Freestyle 
5’2” / 5’4” / 5’6” / 5’8” / 5’10”
Known for its super agile and reactive outline, the MITU PRO FLEX and its improved shape offers the sensation of a traditional surfboard with incredible versatility and durability for unrivalled comfort and flow on the water.
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Waves / Strapless Freestyle 
5’2” / 5’4” 
The new TWEAKsurfboard follows your every move in total control. Responsive and intuitive, it planes early, turns quickly, and offers great maneuverability for amazing sensations onshore conditions and small to medium-sized waves.
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