Aim high with F-ONE's newest foil kite

Combine jumps, narrow turns, and fast freeriding for a session of 100% pure joy with F-ONE's new foil kite, the TARGET. The best combination of simplicity, performance, precision, and playfulness, this is an exceptional, dynamic, and all-out fun kite to fly. 

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Ultra-precise and direct steering

Sharp turning

Immense power on demand

Outstanding stability and drift

Powerful lift and boost

Effortless upwind and downwind abilities 

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The TARGET is a mid-aspect ratio kite, bringing incredible stability, power, lift and user-friendliness. 

This kite is very direct to steer and reacts instantly on the lightest bar impulse. It delivers confidence-inspiring and intuitive handling, so you will always know where it sits. It will effortlessly go anywhere you want it to at any time and position itself perfectly for any maneuver.


The TARGET is the true definition of power on demand, bringing you the power, lift or boost you need in the exact moment you want it. With its huge power potential within the bar throw, you can easily control your riding speed. The wingtips are perfectly stable, allowing tight turns right at your fingertips. 


The profile and weight distribution of this kite were carefully designed to deliver the best drift stability possible. No matter how far it travels in the window, it will always float back without collapsing. After each gust, it will easily return back to 12. You will also enjoy a reduced lateral pull for a more comfortable ride.

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The TARGET offers easy upwind abilities, control in gusty conditions, downwind angles, strong performances in the high end, and overall, a ton of freedom on the water.


Perfect for light to mid wind ranges, the TARGET is available in six sizes:
6, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 m². 

Riders who like to play around, do a lot of looping and narrow carving will love the smaller sizes of the range from 6 to 9m². These sizes are super reactive, fly fast and offer great drift capabilities and easy handling.

The bigger sizes are just as fun and will suit everyone who likes to freeride with the lightest breeze and who wants to have maximum lift and hangtime on jumps. On the 13 and 15m², the stability of the kite at 12 has been fully optimized for ultra-low winds.

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