BK Wave Kite 2017

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BK Freestyle 2017 resultaten

Christophe Tack en Mirke Deloof zijn Belgisch kampioen Freestyle kitesurfen

BKkite freestyle mannen

1 Christophe Tack

2 Axel Tack
3 Lars de Groof
4 Alex Maes
5 Sam Van Olmen
6 Loyd De Noyette
7 Lau Duprez
7 Karel Goethals
9 Viktor Vandenheede

BKKite freestyle vrouwen

1 Mirke Deloof

2 Julie Vanpeteghem
3 Heleen Debehets


The Bronq Q XL combines all the constructional advances of the Bronq Q and applies them to one of the most tricky challenges in TT design – making a super-early planning board with decent upper end range that’s still fun to ride.
find more: https://www.shinnworld.com/bronq-q-xl

MANERA - Dia de curtiçao

The wind is steady, the weather is warm, there are no other Kiteboarder on the horizon and your friends are there willing to destroy the spot by your side.
Some days everything comes together perfectly, and this is one of those days.

Sky Solbach - Developing 2017 North Surfboards

In this clip I caught up with Sky Solbach, the head surfboard shaper and long time team rider at North Kiteboarding to get some thoughts on what goes into designing some of this years surf line shapes. North has a long history of working with its team riders to develop the best products on the market and it interesting to hear Sky's process and how he uses the current wave team to develop the boards we use today!

Check out more here: https://www.northkiteboarding.com/pro...

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