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Pack Like A Pro - EP 4 - The Airush Diaries


You Won’t Believe!!!

Viral clips and circus tricks. 2017 Axis Planq 41'.


We know, we have been a bit shady lately, but we’re here now!

It makes us extremely proud to finally take you all along on this journey.
A journey that led us from dreams and wishes past thousands of problems just to create what we think is simply better kitesurfing gear.

But we’ll leave the judging to you.
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Kai learned to kite last year at 8 years old. Her hydrofoiling is currently at the stage where I say “Kai, try this” + she just does it. And we already have hints at the next stage where I’m hammering away at trying a new trick + she sees it + just does it + says “Uncle, how come you can’t do this?”

Surf kite Strapless