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Top 10 Tips for Foil Kites

Here are our top 10 tips for kiteboarding with foil kites! If you're interested in kiting with a foil kite, this video will cover the important practical info you should know about foil kite maintenance, launching, relaunching, landing and more.


Eire Sessions

Two local riders Wojciech Piotrowski & Alan Kavanagh collaborated to create "Eire Sessions" - video about passion for the ocean, kitesurfing, waves and Irish landscapes.
Both riders at their home spots on West Coast of Ireland riding strapless during serious atlantic conditions.
Camera: Wojciech Piotrowski & Alan Kavanagh
Edit: Wojciech Piotrowski


Wondering which harness is made for you? Antoine guides you through our range and explains the characteristics of each model in 2.40min.

Aqua Groove - Venezuela - Jerome Cloetens / Liam Whal


2019 Naish Hover Kiteboards

View the complete Naish Foil Kiting Collection: