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A taste of the Shinnworld Spring/Summer 2017……

Foils, dedicated foil boards, plush twin tips, the Shinnster.... Shinnworld took a trip to Watamu in Kenya to showcase their spring/summer collection 2017 and here is a sneak preview.

Insane Megaloop!

Flying into the weekend with this loop!
Just love it when you see the acceleration and height because you're jumping over one of your mates.

Get More. Do More | 2017/18 Midseason Naish

Inspired by the collective efforts of the industry's top talent, Naish has been pioneering advancement in kiteboarding from the very beginning. Two decades later, we're still committed to progression and take each launch as an opportunity to push the envelope.

In this midseason, we are stoked to unveil two brand new kites, a new board and our latest technological innovations.

This line offers you the power to perform, freedom to discover your unique riding style, instinctive control and the ability to get out on the water when no one else can. Discover what you can experience when you ride Naish. Get More. Do More.

Find out what you will do with more at:

Kiteboard Hero App Teaser

Een kiteboard spel voor opje telefoon, Core heeft er eentje gemaakt. Te downloaden in de App store of  Google PLAY


Kitesurfing the reef at Porthleven (cornwall) on 6th March 2017
Chunky well overhead waves and gusty westerly winds made for some fun surfing action.
Kitesurfing in Cornwall at its most raw.

Lee 'Pasty' Harvey
Will Bennet
James 'Smiler' Waters