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Airush 2019: the new wave

he Wave V8 is the perfect kite for riders out there who just love to ride surfboards. Whether you are into down the line wave riding with powered driving turns, or instead strapless freestyle, then look no further as the Wave V8 has got you covered. Keeping to its roots with amazing drift abilities and responsive steering, the Wave V8´s updated shape is focused around refinement, while customization through bridle options give a fresh perspective.

With the optional fixed bridle, riders can now pick between more direct steering and an on-off power delivery or a smooth and progressive ride with amazing gust response when using the tried and tested pulley bridle.

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2019 Slingshot Foil Walkthrough

2019 is an exciting year for hydro-foiling. The variety and abundance of choices in the current market are sure to have a product for every circumstance and budget. However, that also means that the dizzying confusion of product names, measurements, and uses makes choosing one a confounding affair. Slingshot, for instance, has two foil platforms for 2019 with a combined 10 wing choices. See the foil charts here:




The Rally will take you where you want to go. Upwind, downwind, back rolls, front rolls, mega boosts, waves or flat water, the Rally has done it all. It’s even crossed the Atlantic.* The Rally inspires confidence, knowing that it will make you a better rider no matter what you’re up to, your on the right kite. Great range and depower, easy relaunch, solid upwind ability, predictable performance in gusty wind, lofty hang-time and solid crossover surf performance- if you’re looking for one kite that does everything well, you will find none better than the Rally.

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Camping in the desert


KITEFOIL in 4K - Île d'Oléron