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Steven Akkersdijk: Gone Surfing!

3 months in Mauritius. Kite, surf and life.

Sunday Afternoon Foiling


Review of the New 2018 North Kiteboarding Rebel Kite


Kai Lenny & Robby Naish on the Foil Revolution

Foiling is here to stay. See how some of the pros feel about this way of moving across the water.

How to Straight Air - The Reider Decker Show - EP 2

We are back with a new The Reider Decker Show!

In this episode, Reider shows how to do your basic air, a staple to the progression of riding strapless. 2016 World Champion, Bruna Kajiya, takes off her boots and gets the 101 directly from Reider to show you how easy it is to learn!

If you haven't watched the first video, check out How to ride fins first!