In this video I'm foil boarding with my new Ozone Chrono Ultralight 18m! It is episode 8 in my kite foil series. Last time I got caught out in dropping winds and could barely test the Ozone Chrono.

This time it's blowing 7 knots and increasing, so I go out for an awesome foil boarding session. This video should also help you to find out how to kitefoil! This is part 8 of my hydrofoil / foil boarding video series, starting from no experience on foil boards at all, up to hopefully gybing and tacking along and finding out how to foilboard properly!! I'm kiting a few different spots here, Sealine beach and al Wakra Family beach in Qatar.

They have amazing conditions for a big part of the year, let's say October until June!

Full webstory: She is the queen among the male…She makes us crazy but we always want more. More time spent with her alongside, more adrenaline, more sessions, more and more. Who is ‘’she’’ : TRAMONTANA of course ! Let’s go for the last webstory of 2K19. Enjoy ! Filmed and Edited by Horue Movie Riders : Louka Pitot, Julian Huynh et Valentin Garat

Namibia’s vast, otherworldly, desolate and endless landscapes may seem the antithesis of an ideal road trip, yet we found it to be one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and one of our most exciting kiteboarding trips yet!

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