advanced steering system

This new advanced steering system has been designed to propel the worldwide water-craft industry into the 21st Century and beyond, by means of a quick fitting system, enhanced speed and sleek performance for surfboards. This concept is an alternative to today’s tedious and time consuming process of board manufacturing.

Shredda Advanced Steering Systems inspiration was to come up with a better and easier way of finishing off surfboards and to strive in making the surfing industry safer for all surfers while staying focused on the environment’s needs.


Airush ChopTop

Answering the need for an all round board that delivers dependable enjoyment no matter what, Airush introduces the Choptop.

This board focuses on progressive riding styles and the demand for a board in "less than perfect" conditions. From light winds to onshore slop, Airush have developed a board that combines skim, wakeskate, and wave riding characteristics.

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Kite Atlas

Kite Atlas staat nu online, op de site kan je heel wat info over spots vinden.

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Nieuwe website

ImageOnze website heeft een volledig nieuwe design en heeft enkele nieuwe leden bij gekregen.
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cheers Koenwe design van the p-riders.

Slingshot TD2 pic's

Detailed pic's of the new Slingshot TD2

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Steve Verelst new website

ImageCheck out the new website from Steve Verelst

duinkiters filmpjes

ImageEr zijn nieuwe filmpjes op de site van de duinkiters(
de moeite waard!!

THE new PUMP by Takoon

Takoon innovates with an inflatable harness. Comfort and maximum ergonomics. Protects your back. .

This is the result of our close technical partnership with top- riders. Niccolo Porcella broke his back on a huge kiteloop afew years ago and hadn't found any suitable harness up to now. Why go for a stiff thermoformed harness while everyone has a unique back shape? Our answer is an Air-pumped harness that fits perfectly the shape of your back, once pumped up. No more pain, all shocks absorbed and better buoyancy! Why ask for more?

The Waist Pump is available in sizes M and L.

Also available without PUMP system in waist and low cut.

Our harness is unique on the market in terms of ergonomics. Many riders already adopted the «spreader tunnel bar» system. The bar is completely integrated into the harness and eliminates any risk of breath-holding in case of shock. The harness is designed in one single- piece, so nothing can cling into it (lines for ex). The 2007 model gets new reinforcements at critical areas, especially on the handle pass leash attachment point.

> Exclusive patented Takoon's «Spreader bar tunnel».

> Full neoprene on the skin side for better comfort (waist harness only).

> 600D fabric on the outside.

>Flat handle on back.

> New exclusive shape for a perfect spread of load on back.

> Belt with double elastic adjustment (waist harness only).

> New reinforcements at the critical points.

> Available sizes : S, M, L

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