Fat Sand Productions are making 3 chapters from their acclaimed Kiteboarding Progression series of DVD's available to view, for FREE, over the Internet. There is one chapter available for each level of the Progression series, with narration in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

For Beginners we have the Waterstarts chapters, 11 mins demonstrating how to master the first major hurdle towards becoming a true kitesurfer.

Intermediates can focus on their Forward Loops, with over 23 minutes of instruction, starting with a basic forward rotation, right through to grabs and multiple rotations.

Finally the Advanced riders can find out about the first unhooked trick, the Raley. 15 minutes starting with learning the core skill of how to pop followed by the the intracacies of the Raley.

So hopefully, whatever your level you can watch some kitesurfing instruction that will help you out on the water this weekend.

But remember that these are only going to be available until Midnight, Sunday 17th June...

And if you like what you see then you can buy Progression Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced from any kitesurfing store worldwide, online stop or directly from the Fat Sand website. We also offer full downloads of the English language version of each movie, to rent or buy, at

ImageTo finally clarify what a Boschmosis is, here are a couple of clips that will explain everything.

Lewis Crathern came up with this move a few days before the PKRA in Austria, 29th April 2007, it was instantly named the Boschmosis as soon as the name arose.
It was attempted in heats by Lewis but never completed, it was only until after the event when I landed my first one.
It was first completed in competition in England during the second round of the BKSA, Lewis nailed it in his 2nd heat.
Our mission then took us on to the perfect flat waters of Egypt where I landed the first Wrapped Boschmosis ever to be done.
The standard then escaladed to another level until on the 25th May 2007 it was done to ultimate risk, not wearing a leash, as seen on Video.
5 days later The Boschmosis and Wrapped Boschmosis was landed in PKRA competition where I pulled them out in my second round and finals.

Aron Hadlow

View the move here...

HOW TO DO A G-SCREW in Cabarete

A frontside 360 or G-screw by Gary Benet on the wave with a directional board. I think this is something new that no one has had published yet any ideas ??!!!! Check out the link for the squence pics

View the move here...

New generation tricks are coming by riders like Jose Luengo, here we have an example of Screw frontside, close to the real 360 in surfing.
Location: Encuentro, Cabarete.
Photo: N.Lora

Visit the site..

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